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Sink Care

What type of soap should I use to clean the sink?

Common bath soap and dish detergents are the best products to use to wash the sink with but due to the antibacterial nature of copper the sink will natural kill any germs/bacteria it encounters.


Will hard water/well water harm the copper or finish?

Hard water will not harm the sink or the copper finish. It is recommended to wipe the sink down after each use so water spots do not develop.


How do I take get rid of the water spots, outline of dishes, and polished copper spots that appear in the sink? Is there something wrong with my sink?

Copper is very reactionary and will respond to anything that is put on it.  Bright Spots are not uncommon but are treatable and preventable.  For the most part these spots occur whenever anything acidic is used or sits on the sink.  This can include any type of juices, toothpaste, and cleaning detergents.  I recommend not letting anything sit on the copper and when possible wipe it down after each use with a soft cloth. The bright spots you are seeing is the original copper that the finish was put over. That means that over time and with proper usage the bright copper spots will eventually darken and patina making the finish of the sink look flush and even. Usually the process takes about 6 to 8 weeks depending on the frequency of use. After the spots darken we recommend applying wax to the sink to help prevent any future issues and protect the sink.

Do you have spec sheets or templates of your sinks?

No, due to the fact that all of our sinks are hand hammered and hand made we do not provide templates.  We strongly recommend that the customer waits to receive the sink before cutting any counter tops keeping in mind that the sinks can vary up to a quarter inch from their listed dimensions.


What type of wax do you recommend cleaning the sink with?

Any high grade carnauba/bees wax will work and help protect the finish of the sink. Johnsons Hardwood Flooring wax is available for purchase at any local Lowe’s or Home Depot.


What gauge are your bathrooms and kitchen sinks?

The bath sinks are 16 Gauge, the kitchen sinks are 14 gauge. They are made with 99% pure copper.


Do you provide Sound Proof padding?

Copper is a soft metal that does not make a lot of noise, especially if its being under mounted (counter tops help blunt the sound).  If necessary the customer can buy sound deadening material at any local car stereo shop and apply to the outside/bottom of the sink themselves.


Can I get a custom sink made? Can I get sink you carry in a different finish?

Yes we can do custom work on all sinks and finishes. We will need a complete spec sheet of what is desired a to get an accurate quote. Also, you have to allow 6-8 weeks for production.